Get a bigger couch!

Save The Giants is founded on the belief that size does matter; if you get a giant dog, you will need a bigger couch.  We believe that once you are owned by a dog that is bigger than the average eighth grader, you will always have a special place in your heart for these incredibly big and goofy, regal and playful, loving and loyal gentle giants.


Great Danes, Saint Bernards, English Mastiffs and Great Pyrenees are the focus of our rescue efforts in CO, KS, OK, WY, and TX and each of our volunteers share our passion for making a difference for these giant breed dogs. Each of our volunteers has a story, a reason for being part of Save The Giants. We are inspired by the animals we save and we aspire to inspire others to join our cause.


Do you want to become part of an educational outreach and awareness rescue effort designed to save lives and impact the community? Get ready to Save The Giants.