Meet our adoptable Gentle Giants



Great Dane, Male, 2.5 years old

I used to live on a farm with chickens and goats and I still love the smell of freshly mowed grass. And running. I LOVE running. I'm a little hard of hearing, but that doesn't slow me down. I'm good with farm animals, kids, cats, and other dogs. I'll do anything for some regular squares and the feel of the sun on my face, so if you're in the market for a friend to jog with, maybe take in a ball game, I'd love to meet you.

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Great Dane, Male, 1.5 years old

Kane is a very sweet and gentle boy. He adores children, gets along with dogs, and has lived with cats in the past. He was surrendered for not getting along with the cat but this behavior wasn't an issue until the cat had a litter of kittens just recently. He is just an all-around friendly guy and would make an excellent addition to a deserving family!

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Great Dane, Male, 2 years old

My name is Scooby. Nice to meet you! I'm two years old and I live in a foster home with other dogs and a cool lady who’s teaching me things like leashes are for walks and toys are fun and car rides are amazing. I am learning every day and pretty soon I will know All The Things. Okay, maybe not all the things. Math is hard. My foster mom says I'm sweet and friendly and lovable. Oh, and I kinda have a crush on my foster sister, Grace, but it's a secret so don't tell. Maybe we can be friends?

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Great Dane, Female, 1 year old

I'm an easy-going girl who goes with the flow. I'm a pretty quick study and can adapt to your routine no problem. Other dogs in the house? That's cool. I'm enjoying getting to know the pups in my foster home. Kids? Kids are my jam. Like road trips? I'm always up for a car ride. I'm not one of those needy types either, so if you prefer to go to the bathroom alone, I'm your gal. 


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Great Dane, Female, 2 years old

I'm a spunky, bouncy girl with an inquisitive nature who loves to play! I like kids, meeting new people, cats, and even boy dogs. I'm not so keen on female dogs, because, well, I like to be Queen of the castle. So if you're searching for a friend to walk with, play with, and just spend time with then I'm your girl!​

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Ghost (rider)

Catahoula mix, Male, 4 months old

Hi! I'm just a tiny tot so my main activities are eating, pooping, playing, and mischief making. I'm what they call a herding dog, which means I am very smart and like to work! I need someone who's willing to work with me, guide me, and teach me all I need to learn about being a good doggo. If you're a take-charge type who's into socializing, outdoor activities, and even hunting, then I'm your boy! If you take a chance on me, I promise I'll be the most loyal friend you ever had. 

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Great Dane mix, Female, 4.5 years old

I'm a laid back, Netflix-and-chill type of girl. I'm seeking a companion who enjoys walks, cuddling, socializing, and watching Marvel movies. I'm an expert on lead, despite an old leg injury, and I'm loyal to a fault. I do enjoy meeting other dogs, but I would be just fine having a human that I can spoil all by myself too. ​

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Great Dane/Great Pyrenees, Male, 1.5 years old

I'm a happy-go-lucky, super-sweet guy with a ton of energy who's into bird and squirrel watching (okay, chasing), performing surgery on my toys (what's inside them anyway?), and zooming. I like other dogs, I'm very smart and I'm a fast learner. I could totally be your Super Dog. I'd wear a cape and everything. ​

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Great Dane, Male, 2.5 years old

You ever hear the expression "he's just a big teddy bear"? Well that's me. I could probably be an NFL linebacker if I had thumbs. But I have a gentle soul, and I really like people, kids, and dogs. I'm not the most coordinated dude, so if I get zooming, I may take out a lamp. Or a compact car. Even though I don't mean to. Heck, I don't even chew up toys. I love my softies and take good care of them as well as my blankets and bed. If you've got space in your car and in your house, and you like big teddy bears, then I may be the Dane for you. 

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