Great Dane, Female, 1.5 years old


  Cleo is a spunky 1.5 year old. She is solid black with a white area on her chest and toes. She is being fostered with Mary (also available for adoption). Cleo loves toys, especially Kongs when they have peanut butter and spray cheese in them. As a young adult she does have her hyper moments when you come home for the day, and occasionally you'll get some zoomies out of her in the backyard. She gets along with everyone that she's been introduced to, when done properly. She is the most playful one, compared to her young foster sister Mary. She is crate trained, but has not been tested with free roam yet. Cleo is also a great car ride buddy. She'll be a great companion for weekend road trips. At first Cleo is uncertain with new comers, but warms up when I'm around. She'll need some adjustment time in her forever home, but once she's comfortable she'll love you forever. If you're interested in adopting, please complete an adoption application here: adoption application.  

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