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Great Dane, Female, 6 months old

Marshmallow came into the rescue as a 2.5 month old puppy. As a double merle Dane, she does have special needs as she is partially deaf. She has been going through basic training and will need an experienced adopter so she can grow up into a respectful young lady. She is food motivated and has been doing well with her training. She is a typical puppy who loves to play with the big dogs. She is nearly potty trained, but can have accidents. Marshmallow will love to have a home of her own and possibly share it with another dog. She's not been tested with cats. This girls is a fan of car rides and enjoys riding shotgun. If you're interested in adopting, please complete an adoption application here: adoption application.


***Medical Hold***

Great Dane, Male, 6 years old

Huck is a handsome 5 year old Dane. He is incredibly affectionate and loves spending time with people once he has settled in to the new situation. Huck had a rough life before coming to the rescue, so he still needs help building confidence and learning how to trust people. He can be very stuborn when it is something he doesn't want to do and sometimes has resource guarding towards other animals. He still needs to work on basic obedience training but his foster family has been working with him and he is making great progress. Huck is looking for a home where he can get lots of love, attention and interaction with his family. If you’re looking for a companion who will love you unconditionally, Huck may be the perfect dog for you. Submit your adoption application today if you're interested adopting this sweet boy!


Great Dane, Female, 3 years old

Lola is a gorgeous fawn girl, who came into or rescue with her sister Myla. She lived in a home with small children and other animals. She is currently in a foster home with her sister, other dogs, and a cat. She has shown no reaction to either. Lola loves lap time and a low-key setting. She does well with other animals and her favorite play buddy is a large male, but her focus is humans and a couch. She will do best in a home with someone or a family that will spend time with her, and provides her with the proper training. If you're interested in adopting this beautiful lady, please complete and adoption application here: adoption application.


***Medical Hold***

Great Dane, Female, 2 years old

Luna is 2 years old and gets along with everybody! She really enjoys being in the middle of things and is a lover. Luna has a neurological issue that causes her to walk sometimes like she's drunk and even though she likes playing with other dogs she can lose her balance easily if others bump into her.  Because of this, she's a little cautious when playing. This is not something that is expected to progress as she ages. She still needs to put on some weight as she was pretty underweight when she came to us. She really enjoys being with people! Due to having difficulties controlling her muscles sometimes she will bump into people and when she goes to take food from someone’s hand she accidentally pushes her head too far and puts her mouth over the entire hand but she doesn't bite down. Luna has done well when going to new places or meeting new dogs. This sweet girl probably needs to be in a home that doesn’t have a lot of stairs and isn’t expected to go for daily walks. If you would be interested in opening your forever home to Luna submit your adoption application today!


Great Dane/Lab mix, Female, 3 years old

Millie came into the rescue when she was on the euthanasia list at a shelter in Wichita. She's black with two white spots on her chets. She is crate trained, but prefers free roam. She'd rather be around other dogs or people all day, than left alone. Millie doesn't meet a stranger. On walks she's curious of other dogs and people, so she pulls a little and will need some leash training. She can be a little rough when playing, so a home with older children is best. If you giver peanut butter, she'll be your best friend. She doesn't have aggression towards food or toys. She's most happy next to her human. Car rides are one of her favorite activities, and she doesn't like to be left behind. She's a young adult and will do well with an acitve individual or family. If you're interested in adopting, please complete an adoption application here: adoption application.


Dane/Short-haired Collie mix, Female, 2 years old

Angel came into the rescue very fearful due to her injuries from her owner, because of this is is cautious of people at first. She is a low-key little lady, but enjoys playtime with her roommate Marshmellow. Angel finds peace relaxing with her foster parents. She lives in a home with other dogs, and a cat. Will you give this girl a chance and show her the kindness she deserves in a forever home. If you're interested in adopting, please complete and adoption application here: adoption application.


***Medical Hold***

Great Dane, Female, 3 years old

Miss Scarlett is feeling much better and getting some much needed weight on her. Besides food, girlfriend loves time with her pack and humans. Her bite wounds are healing slowly, but as you can see, there is a long history of wounds. Luckily this girl totally believes that the scars may show where she's been, but they certainly doesn’t dictate where she will go! If you're interested in adopting, please complete an adoption application here: adoption application.


Great Dane, Female, 3 years old

Darby absolutely loves to play no matter what the weather is! This beautiful girl is looking for a very special forever home. She is 3 years old, good with free roam, although if you leave something tasty on the counter she might be tempted to sample it. She knows basic commands, loves to snuggle on the couch and loves to play! Darby is particular of her friends. Her perfect home would be one where she can be the only fur baby. Who can blame her? She is gorgeous, smart, sweet and worthy of being somebody’s one and only ❤️ She will do great with someone who is active and wants to include her in their adventures. She would be a good fit for an active family with older children as well. If you're interested in adopting, please complete an adoption application here: adoption application.


Great Dane, Male, 6 years old

Oliver LOVES his humans! He was adopted out from our rescue years ago, but sadly he has been returned to us at no fault of his own. He is a large Dane, and will do best in a home with older children. He can be scared of new dogs, but with proper introductions he's friendly and loves to play. He does enjoy his couch time with his humans if you don't mind scooting over. Oliver, like most Danes loves attention too. If you're interested in adopting, please complete an adoption application here: adoption application.

Gunderson "Gunny"

Great Dane, Male, 6 years old

Gunny is a Blue Male Great Dane, approximately 6 years old.  He came to us as a neglect case, severely underweight, with an upper respiratory infection and Happy Tail.  Since coming into rescue, he’s been getting several small meals throughout the day and is slowly putting on weight.  Due to his condition, it’s not surprising that this boy loves to eat!  He does tend to scarf down his food so a slow feeder will be needed for him.  As he’s healing, his personality is really starting to shine through and we’re seeing that he is a very happy boy!  He gets the Zoomies a few times a day and it’s best to stay out of his way when he’s doing so!  Gunny is a typical great Dane and doesn’t know his size yet, so running directly at you doesn’t seem like a bad idea in his mind (and his brakes don’t work that well yet J)  When he’s not exploring the back yard, this boy loves to hang out on the couch and keep you company.  He is the epitome of a Velcro dog and will be your shadow wherever you go.  Gunny has done well with all other dogs he’s come into contact with and currently resides with another Great Dane who he enjoys following around.  During the day he hangs out with his foster brother and they spend their day holding down the sofa in the living room.  We would prefer he go to a home with another dog as he does tend to have some anxiety when left alone.  Unfortunately Gunny is also a jumper.  This will require his approved adopter to have a 6’ privacy fence around their yard, NO exceptions. If you're interested in adoption, please complete an adoption application here: adoption application.

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