Great Dane, Male, 2 years old


Corey is a two-year-old male Great Dane who's goofy, playful, loving, and a leaner. Not realizing his size, he will frequently try to curl up in your lap where he flops his head this way and that way, endearing himself upon you. He still possesses puppy energy and needs plenty of toys and bones to occupy his down time. He will quickly empty the toy basket, ever in search of something new and unique. Corey is dog friendly and enjoys spending time with all the other canines in his foster home. He is house trained and trustworthy with free roam.  Corey is a clown on four legs and he is guaranteed to make you laugh often with his goofy, noodle-like antics. He loves his people and desires to be near you. Corey is consistently a good natured dog and he is a perfect example of all that is great in man's best friend. If you are interested in adopting Corey, fill out an adoption application today! 

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