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Become a foster

The more foster homes we have, the more gentle giants we can save.

Fostering saves lives!

Save the Giants is always looking for caring, responsible giant-breed dog lovers to join our foster team and open their homes and their hearts to one of our rescued dog. Every dog that goes into foster allows Save the Giants to rescue another gentle giant in need. We make every effort to ensure that the foster dog matches your lifestyle and is compatible with your family and pets.

Want to foster?

Get Started

If you want to help us give gentle giants in need a second chance at life and are interested in opening your home to a foster dog, please submit a completed foster application form and foster contract.  


Submit an application if you are interested in fostering one of our gentle giants 


All fosters are required to complete and submit a foster contract and waiver.

  • Is fostering right for me?
    Fosters should be able to make a commitment to spend time with their foster dog and give them all the care, exercise, love, training, and attention the dog needs. Some dogs may have special needs that require additional care, time and effort. Fosters also need to be willing to say good bye when their foster dog finds their forever home. It's not easy, but it is one of the most rewarding things you can do to help the lives of incredible dogs in need.
  • How long does a dog stay in foster care?
    It varies. Each dog stay in a foster home from a minimum of a few days to as much as several months, depending on the dog, their personality, age, health, needs, and other factors. In general, if a foster dog is under age 2 and healthy, they do not stay with the foster family for very long.
  • What are my responsibilities as a foster?
    As a foster, you are responsible for: Providing your foster dog care, food, love and attention, accommodating the dog's individual needs Talking to prospective adopters about your foster to give them insight into their future family member Providing updated information on your foster dog to the rescue including a biography and photos Taking your foster dog to the veterinarian as needed Providing a safe environment for your foster dog Save the Giants will: Provide any medications as needed Cover the medical costs associate with the care of your foster dog
  • How do I get assigned a foster dog?
    We do our best to match foster dogs with their foster home based on the dog's temperament and needs as well as your situation and preferences (e.g. children, cats, fence, stairs, etc.)
  • Will I become attached to my foster dog?
    Yes, without a doubt you will. Giant dog breeds bond quickly and give so much of themselves to their foster families. But when you meet the new family that's ready to provide a permanent, loving home for the dog you helped rescue, you will feel so much satisfaction.
  • What if I want to adopt my foster dog?
    If you decide to be a foster parent, it should be with the understanding that you are working toward helping a deserving dog prepare for their forever home. You should not foster with the goal of "trying out" a dog to see if you like them. We treat fosters and adopters equally. If you would like to adopt your foster dog, you must go through the same process as our adopters and meet the same criteria.
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