Great Dane, Male, 3-4 years old, Deaf


Gumby is a sweet, goofy, playful, deaf male Great Dane who is between 3-4 years old. Gumby is friendly with most dogs and has lived with several of them, and he would do well in a home that has a female, or non-intimidating younger male dog. Due to his size and his bouncy style of play, Gumby is not a good fit for a home with extremely young children. Gumby is good with free roam, and he will use a crate if the door is left open. Gumby does fine with men or women but he does gravitate toward men. He is a very large Dane with an appetite to match and it's imperative for his caregiver to monitor his weight and keep it down. He has a prey drive outside the house and will chase squirrels and rabbits, but if there is a dog-savvy cat in the home and appropriate boundaries are set, he will respect them. Gumby loves light up balls, plastic water bottles and the little stuffed beehives with bees inside. Gumby is VERY sweet, wants nothing more than to be by the side of a human. He does lick people's faces. He loves kiddie pools with fish...his absolute favorite (see video). And he loves to chase balls, will bring them back too!  If you’re interested adopting Gumby, please click here to learn more about the adoption process and submit your application.

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