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Meet our giants!

Available Dogs

Meet our adoptable gentle giants looking for their forever homes.


Great Dane, Female, 18 Months Old

Cha-Cha is a unique and loving soul. She is happiest shadowing her human and is not shy about requesting love. She enjoys romping and wrestling and is building her confidence in her surroundings. She has an unusual, yet beautiful coat and soulful eyes.

Due to the situation she was pulled from (she did not even have a name when we picked her up at 14 months) and the amount of time she was there, she may exhibit some fear-based anxiety and often misreads ques from other dogs. Cha-Cha will be in training as both her behaviorist and veterinarian feel it is something she can work through as she builds confidence. While she is in training, her foster will need to have experience and live close to an approved behaviorist. With a little time, love, and training, we have no doubt that Cha-Cha will be an amazing companion. 

Chacha food.jpg


Great Dane Mix, Female, 4.5 Years Old

Angel is an adorable and super sweet 4.5 year old Great Dane and Smooth Coated Collie mix. She loves playing with other dogs and ignores cats, unless of course they want to play. She loves her people and even though she very much enjoys playing with other dogs, she really wants her human all to herself. 

Angel can also be very laid back and enjoys a good cuddle and chill on the couch while catching up on some TV. She is crate trained, enjoys toys, and is completely untrustworthy on free roam with high interest items (with a special talent for picking expensive items…we don’t know how she knows – but she does!) She continues to learn and grow and can’t wait to find her forever family. Be sure to submit an adoption application if you’re interested in learning more about sweet Angel.


“Dane-iff,” Male, 2 Years Old

Dudley is a 2 year old male Great Dane and Mastiff mix, who loves to play, has the heart of a 6-month-old puppy, and is super smart. He knows his basic commands and is excellent with recall off leash (when it's safe). You can count on him to stay close and come when called. 

Dudley LOVES anyone and everyone, and makes sure he shows it by wagging his tail so hard his whole body wiggles. His foster mom calls it the "Dudster Dance". She also says he is the happiest dog she has ever met (she's met a lot!) and that his happiness is contagious. You can’t help but feel happy when he is around!

Dudley does great with his foster brother, even when his foster brother redirects him for mom's attention, and he is an all-star at doggie daycare. His favorite thing, besides toys, is car rides! He is the bestest dude ever and would be an amazing addition to any home. 



Great Dane, Male, 4 Years Old

Thor once had an owner who loved and worked with him and he is AMAZING! Unfortunately, his owner passed and left him without a backup plan so we stepped in.

Thor is settling in well in his foster home and absolutely LOVES everyone – dogs, cats, humans –  anyone, everyone, and everything he meets! After his owner passed away, Thor was left alone in the house for a couple weeks. Because of this he now (understandably) has mild separation anxiety, but he is not destructive. Once he realizes that he won’t be left alone again, he does calm down and settle in. 

This boy is very smart and knows many commands including  sit, shake, and stay. He is fully potty trained and wanted us to share that he is fully trained to SLEEP IN BED WITH YOU! Thor is such an amazing boy and looking for his forever home with a family who will love him as much as he will love them (which is a lot).  



Ziggy Stardust 

Great Dane, Female, 8 Years Old

Beautiful and dainty Miss Ziggy Stardust is a very sweet Great Dane - well a very sweet "Pocket" Great Dane! She has the sweetest of hearts as confirmed by everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her. Ziggy Stardust gets along with anyone and everyone, and did we mention she is super sweet! At times, she can be a little timid and slightly standoffish at first, but she quickly warms up and does not seem to have an aggressive bone in her body.

After a short time with her foster family, she has already earned the privilege of free roam in the house and continues to steal the hearts of those she meets. Ziggy recently received a good health report and is up to date on shots. Now all she needs is to find her forever family!


Eustace (2)_edited.jpg


Great Dane, Male, 1 Year Old

Meet Eustace! Eustace is a year old and has Auto-immune issues along with HOD. While we were very lucky and caught the HOD early, he will always show signs of this through his deformed limbs. There is always a slight chance that it can come back and his pet parents will need to be very careful with vaccinations due to the auto-immune issues.

Eustace LOVES toys, food, playing with others and climbing on his person. Paw Patrol is a morning favorite that he will watch with his little sister. He requires inside and outside toys and will take toys out if he feels there is not enough outside. Laying in the grass is a great day for him and depending on the treats he loves spending time training and pretending to walk well on a leash. 

Eustace loves everyone once he gets to know them, but the world at large is very scary and he tends to have issues away from his Emotional Support Person. He is currently in training to work on his confidence. When stressed he can often be destructive or not be able to control going to the bathroom.


Great Dane, Female, 5 Years Old

Cocoa is 5 years old and is learning the benefits of having fur siblings and toys, lots of toys! She can play a little rough with her fur siblings, but quick to redirect. She has lived with children and seems to ignore cats.

Cocoa is an expert at opening sliding gates and sliding doors. She has enough drool for two other dogs. She loves to be in the middle of the action and assumes everyone else wants her there! She is a foodie and likes to sample everyone’s dish!

Cocoa’s Back Story: Cocoa is a 5 year old black Great Dane that was owner surrendered to us due to a divorce. Cocoa is recovering from a Happy Tail Surgery. The skin is so damaged and will never fully heal so the vet removed the last 2-3” from her tail.



Great Dane, Male, 8 Years Old

Meet Moose! This handsome 8 year old Great Dane is incredibly sweet and has the biggest heart. He is a big fan of food (let’s be honest, who isn’t) and has made it very clear he enjoys sleeping on beds - he thinks the softer the better. 

Moose unfortunately is experiencing a few medical issues, but Save the Giants and his foster family are working to get him up to speed and back to full health so he can find his forever family and only know love and happiness for the rest of his life.  

Despite being on medical hold, Moose still knows how to have fun and be the life of the party. He loves Gnawsome balls and is determined to kill the squeaker in every toy he encounters (he loves the noise the squeakers make). Moose plays well with his foster siblings and can get along with just about anyone. If you’re looking for a super sweet, laidback companion, Moose just may be your guy. 


Great Dane, Female, 7 Months Old

Hi there! I'm Phryne and I'm named after the heroine in Miss Fisher's mysteries. She had a lot to overcome just like me, but like my namesake, I'm going to come out on top. My foster mom says that I'm deaf and have some health issues but apparently I'm not old enough to fully test yet. I may also have some vision issues, but rest-assured, I am not going to let this stop me from living the best life possible. Just like my book character, I am very courageous and will tackle the tough hand I was dealt with fearlessness. I have been told I have the sweetest of hearts and I love to snuggle. I'm looking for my forever home where I can be loved unconditionally despite the obstacles I need to overcome.  

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