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Meet our adoptable gentle giants looking for their forever homes.


Great Dane, Male, 1.5 Years Old

Hi there! I'm Kane and my foster family says I'm very sweet and a gentle boy. I absolutely adore children, I get along great with other dogs, and have even lived with cats in the past but prefer dogs over cats...what dog wouldn't? I'm truly an all-around friendly guy and would make an excellent addition to a deserving family! I would love to find my forever home and start loving my new family.

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Great Dane, Male, 2 Years Old

My name is Scooby. Nice to meet you! I'm two years old and I live in a foster home with other dogs and a cool lady who’s teaching me things like leashes are for walks, toys are fun, and car rides are amazing. I am learning every day and pretty soon I will know all the things. Okay, maybe not all the things...math is hard. My foster mom says I'm sweet, friendly, and very lovable. Oh, and I kinda have a crush on my foster sister, Grace, but it's a secret so don't tell. Maybe we can be friends?



Great Dane, Female, 1 Year Old

I'm an easy-going girl who goes with the flow. I learn very fast and adopting to your routine will be no problem for me! Have other dogs in your house? That's cool! I'm enjoying getting to know the pups in my foster home and play well with others. Kids? Kids are my jam! Like road trips? I'm always up for a car ride. I'm not one of those needy types either, so if you prefer to go to the bathroom alone, I'm your gal. I'm looking for my forever home so if you think we could be a good fit, head on over and submit an adoption application today! 



Great Dane, Female, 2 Years Old

I'm a spunky, bouncy girl with an inquisitive nature who loves to play! I really like kids, meeting new people, cats, and boy dogs. I'm not so keen on female dogs, because, well, I like to be Queen of the castle. I'm looking for my forever home and a family who will love me unconditionally. So if you're searching for a friend to walk with, play with, and just spend time with then I'm your girl!​

Ghost (rider)

Catahoula mix, Male, 4 Months Old

Hi I'm Ghost! I'm just a tiny tot so my main activities are eating, pooping, playing, and mischief-making. I'm what they call a herding dog, which means I am very, very smart and like to work! I need someone who's willing to work with me, guide me, and teach me all I need to learn about being a good doggie. If you're a take-charge type who's into socializing, outdoor activities, and even hunting, then I'm your boy! If you take a chance on me, I promise I'll be the most loyal friend you ever had. ​I hope I can find my forever home soon so if you're interested, fill out an application.

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Great Dane Mix, Female, 4.5 Years Old

Hi friend! I'm Angel, a laid back, Netflix-and-chill type of girl. I'm seeking a companion who enjoys walks, cuddling, socializing, and watching Marvel movies. Superheroes are my favorite. I'm an expert on lead, despite an old leg injury, and I'm loyal to a fault. I do enjoy meeting other dogs, but I would be just fine having a human that I can spoil all by myself too. ​If you add me to your family, I promise to be loyal to you for the rest of my life. 


Great Dane/Great Pyrenees, Male, 1.5 Years Old

Hi! I'm Buckley, a happy-go-lucky, super-sweet guy with a ton of energy. I'm into bird and squirrel watching (okay, chasing), performing surgery on my toys (what's inside them anyway?), and zooming. I love other dogs and am always up for playing with friends. My foster mom says I'm very smart and a fast learner. I could totally be your Super Dog. I'd wear a cape and everything. ​



Great Dane, Male, 2.5 Years Old

Have you ever heard the expression "he's just a big teddy bear"? Well that's me. I could probably be an NFL linebacker if I had thumbs; but I have a gentle soul, and really like people, kids, and dogs. I'm not the most coordinated dude, so if I get zooming, I may take out a lamp...or a compact car, even though I don't mean to. Heck, I don't even chew up toys. I love my softies and take good care of them as well as my blankets and bed. If you've got space in your car and in your house, and you like big teddy bears, then I'm the Dane for you. 


English Mastiff, Female, 2 Years Old

I'm Gerti or "Perti Gerti" as my foster calls me. Thanks to all the volunteers back in my neck of the woods, I'm finally safe! My last home wasn't great and I was solely used for breeding; then I was dumped to fend for myself. When STG found me, I was very underweight and encountered some challenges with my spay. But after a lot of love, medical attention, and such great care from my foster family, I am healthy and ready to find my forever home. My friends describe me as sweet and gentle. I also play well with my large foster siblings. If you're looking for a gentle soul to add to your family, I'm your girl. 

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Great Dane, Male, 9 Weeks Old

I'm Vito, one of our ten adorable bookworm puppies. Me and my siblings are all named after famous book characters, and I get my name from The Godfather. Some tend to think I'm the tough guy who runs the show but I like to think "it’s not personal, it’s business". I love to play with my siblings and am happy to drag them out of bed to do so. While I may have a tough exterior, I can be very sweet and absolutely love to cuddle. I am searching for my forever home and hope I get to meet my family soon so they can help me grow. 


Great Dane, Male, 9 Weeks Old

Holmes here! As one of the ten adorable bookworm puppies all named after famous book characters, I'm named after the lead character in Sherlock Holmes. I'm definitely the leader of the group but also the peacekeeper who likes to break up the drama when my siblings play too rough. I am chill and love to snuggle, but also know when it's playtime and can quickly become the life of the party. I'm very curious and always looking for the next mystery to solve. My current case is trying to identify my forever home. Are you a prime suspect? 

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Great Dane, Female, 9 Weeks Old

Hi there! I'm Pryne and I'm named after the heroine in Miss Fisher's mysteries. She had a lot to overcome just like me, but like my namesake, I'm going to come out on top. My foster mom says that I'm deaf and have some health issues but apparently I'm not old enough to fully test yet. I may also have some vision issues, but rest-assured, I am not going to let this stop me from living the best life possible. Just like my book character, I am very courageous and will tackle the tough hand I was dealt with fearlessness. I have been told I have the sweetest of hearts and I love to snuggle. I'm looking for my forever home where I can be loved unconditionally despite the obstacles I need to overcome.  



Great Dane, Female, 9 Weeks Old

Hi! I'm one of the bookworm puppies all named after famous book characters and my name is Annie! You probably guessed it but my name comes from Anne of Green Gables. My foster says I'm a super sweet love bug and just like Anne from the book series, I'm super smart and am already learning my basic commands. I love everyone and can get along with anyone but am looking for that special family I can call my own. I'd love to meet you so if you're interested in being my new family, please fill out an application. 



Great Dane, Male, 9 Weeks Old

Hi there! I'm Holden! Me and my brothers and sisters are called the bookworm puppies because we are all named after famous book characters. I get my name from Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye. My foster mom doesn't think I'm much like the Holden from the books but I am very caring and love nothing more than to be around my siblings and my foster family. I can be a bit shy at first but it doesn't take me long to warm up and wiggle my way into everyone's hearts. I'm still young but would love to find my forever home so I can spend as much time with them as possible. 


Great Dane, Male, 9 Weeks Old

I'm Raksha, one of the ten adorable bookworm puppies. Me and my siblings are all named after famous book characters, and I get my name from the Jungle Book. I am one of the chillest pups in my family and can be counted on to go with the flow. My foster family thinks I could fit in anywhere and adapt to any situation. I love to play and love exploring new places, especially places where I can hide under things. I'm a huge fan of curling up in my foster mom's lap but she tells me that will get harder the bigger I get...and boy am I growing fast. I am searching for my forever home and if you think we may be a good fit, fill out an application and I'd love to meet you!



Great Dane, Female, 9 Weeks Old

Hi! I'm Lizzy, another one of the bookworm puppies. My name comes from the beloved character, Elizabeth Bennet, from Pride and Prejudice. I love lap time with my foster family and giving the most precious puppy kisses. My foster family says I'm the sweetest, which is true, but this doesn't mean I'm not strong and mighty. I can actually be quite independent, fearless and determined. I love to play and when full-on puppy roughhousing is in demand, I am always in the center of it and hold my own with my big brothers. Like my namesake, I'm a very intelligent young lady and have already learned to sit, especially when treats are involved. I really want to find my forever family so if you think I'm the girl for you, fill out an application.


Great Dane, Male, 9 Weeks Old

I'm Remus, one of the awesome bookworm puppies. Named after the beloved Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter series, I share  many qualities with my namesake: compassion, intelligence, peaceful, selfless, kind and good-natured. I'm the biggest love bug and my favorite thing to do is curl up in laps and soak it all in. I enjoy having fun and play great with my siblings. I love to explore but always starts with and ends with my foster parents to make sure everything is ok. My foster family says I'm such a great listener and one smart boy. Not to brag, but I have already learned so much and am very close to being potty trained.

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Great Dane, Male, 9 Weeks Old

Bilbo 2.png

Hi I'm Bilbo! Thanks for taking the time to look at my picture and read a little about me! As one of the bookworm puppies, I was named probably guessed it...Bilbo Baggins from the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series. If you've read the books (or seen the movies) you will know how intelligent, brave and loyal Bilbo is and I'm told I follow in his footsteps. My foster family thinks I'm the true definition of a gentle giant and even call me the most gentle puppy of my entire litter. I play great and can keep up with all my siblings but am also very content to sit on the sidelines and observe. My happy place is laying in the sun and letting people rub my belly. I also have fun exploring and tagging along with the big Danes who live in my foster. I'm looking for my forever family who will love me and snuggle me every day. 


Great Dane, Male, 8 Months Old

Hi! I'm Eustace but my friends all call me Goat. They say it's because they think I'm the "greatest of all time" but I think it's also because I kinda look like a goat since I have HOD. Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD) is a disorder I have that can be painful, makes my joints swell, and gives me a little limp. But I don't let this stop me from absolutely loving life and loving everyone I meet. I'm super easygoing but have a little rebel in me and occasionally try to sneak treats or terrorize my foster siblings. The evening I was rescued, I was not in great shape and a very kind vet stayed on the phone with my foster mom the entire night. He named Eustace after the Saint of lost causes but I persevered and will continue to do so. I am currently on medical hold but would love to find my forever family. If you don't think I'm a lost cause and are interested in adopting me, fill out an application today. If you can't adopt me and just want to help out, you can always donate or send me some goodies from my Amazon Wish List.