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Meet our giants!

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Meet our adoptable gentle giants looking for their forever homes.

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Scooby - ADOPTED

Great Dane, Male, 2 Years Old

Meet Scooby!!  Scooby is a 2 year old Black Great Dane that may or may not have some Lab in him. Scooby came to us very scared of the outside world but was the fastest learner when it came to figuring out it was for the most part safe. Scooby is still learning social cues and will sometimes be uncomfortable around new dogs or people until he knows they are safe.  This can sometimes look strange as he will bristle up even though he is not aggressive at all.  Once he knows they are safe (about 10 minutes usually) he is good to go and loves running with them. Scooby needs training and time with people.  

Scooby LOVES, well Everything!  Life is an adventure to this guy (once the fear is gone). He is very hyper and loves to practice for the next 500K coming up.  He is happy to chase those pesty squirrels. Does great with Dogs, and people. Did well with the few times he has seen cats at the vet, but unsure about living with them. He is super athletic and curious.

Scooby’s Back Story: Scooby was purchased as a puppy for a bedridden elder by his family. They felt a dog in a kennel by the bed could keep him company while they were gone. Caretakers of the person were concerned because the dog was never let out and a couple times a week the family would come over and haul the kennel outside with Scooby in it and used a power hose to clean out the waste.  Thanks to a caretaker, Scooby found his way to us. By the time he came he had spent several months locked in a too small kennel with no social interaction, toys, or kind touch. He was afraid of everything. The first toy terrified him. Luckily he is quick to pick up on the fact he is safe.  He is super smart and was fully house trained within 2 days.


Catahoula, Male, 1.5 Years Old

Meet Ghostrider; an STG Honorary Great Dane.  Ghostrider is a 1.5 years old very happy and super playful Catahoula.  Ghostrider is partially deaf and has very little peripheral vision. Straight ahead he can see fine. He is part of a breeders litter who is known for their Catahoulas!  They are highly sought after dogs due to their training and intelligence.  Unfortunately for Rider, it was obvious that the family business was not what he was cut out for.  His breeder was kind enough to contact us when they knew of his issues; they did not want to risk him getting into the wrong hands, being bred or not well taken care of.

He has some training and our trainer who has extensive training working with deaf dogs has started working with him and can continue to help the adopting family. He does well with cats, dogs and people, but due to limited vision might bump into people and could knock over a smaller child.  Due to his loss of peripheral vision, he can get startled and if things are moved or added/removed from his known environment.  It can take him a couple days to adapt. 

He is good with all sizes, shapes and mannerisms (even the crazy ones), of dogs and simply ignores cats.  He LOVES his people and would prefer to have all of their attention, but he is NOT aggressive to the other dogs.



Great Dane Mix, Female, 4.5 Years Old

Angel is a 4.5 Year Old Great Dane/Smooth Coated Collie Mix.  She loves playing with other dogs and ignores cats, unless they want to play.  She loves her people and even though she loves playing with other dogs, she really wants her human all to herself. 
She is also laid back and enjoys a good cuddle and chill on the couch while catching up on some TV. 

Angel is crate trained, enjoys toys and completely untrustworthy on free roam with high interest items (this includes expensive items; we don’t know how she knows – but she does!)


Boxer, Male, 7 Years Old

This is Chato a 7 year-old Male Boxer; the Newest Honorary Dane to STG.

This boy was hit by a car and no one is able to help him so we have brought him in to give him a new start. We know he is not a giant breed but he has a sweet and GIANT heart!

Chato is currently recovering from surgery and under evaluation.


Daisy - Hospice Foster

Great Dane, Female, 7-8 Years Old

Daily_5-7Years Old.png

Meet Daisy! Daisy is a 7-8 years old Great Dane.  She is very laid back and is currently learning to play with toys and hanging with her people. Currently in her foster home she is living with 2 corgi’s and 4 chihuahua mixes as well as several cats. She is very laid back and does well with others. She does like to announce new arrivals, but once they are in she is good. Daisy’s Back Story:  Daisy originally was with a backyard breeder. She was a breeder dog who didn't produce high enough so they got rid of her on craigslist.  A veteran saw the post, took her to try to save her and surrendered her to us. When she was living with the veteran, a Pity and a German Shepherd for a bit.  This sweet and amazing girl is currently living with cats, small dogs, and medium dogs and she is appreciating the good life. 


Great Dane, Male, 1 Year Old

Meet Eustace! Eustace is a year old and has Auto-immune issues along with HOD. While we were very lucky and caught the HOD early, he will always show signs of this through his deformed limbs. There is always a slight chance that it can come back and his pet parents will need to be very careful with vaccinations due to the auto-immune issues.

Eustace LOVES toys, food, playing with others and climbing on his person. Paw Patrol is a morning favorite that he will watch with his little sister. He requires inside and outside toys and will take toys out if he feels there is not enough outside. Laying in the grass is a great day for him and depending on the treats he loves spending time training and pretending to walk well on a leash. 

Eustace loves everyone once he gets to know them, but the world at large is very scary and he tends to have issues away from his Emotional Support Person. He is currently in training to work on his confidence. When stressed he can often be destructive or not be able to control going to the bathroom.

Eustace (2)_edited.jpg


Great Dane, Female, 5 Years Old

Meet Cocoa! is looking for her New Forever Home.

Cocoa is 5 years old and is learning the benefits of having fur siblings and toys, lots of toys! She can play a little rough with her fur siblings, but quick to redirect. She has lived with children and seems to ignore cats.

Cocoa is an expert at opening sliding gates and sliding doors. She has enough drool for two other dogs. She loves to be in the middle of the action and assumes everyone else wants her there! She is a foodie and likes to sample everyone’s dish!

Cocoa’s Back Story: Cocoa is a 5 year old black Great Dane that was owner surrendered to us due to a divorce. Cocoa is recovering from a Happy Tail Surgery. The skin is so damaged and will never fully heal so the vet removed the last 2-3” from her tail.


Ziggy Stardust

Great Dane, Female, 8 Months Old

Ziggy Stardust is all Great Dane - a Pocket Great Dane.  She was owner surrendered and believed to be about 4 years old.  She is timid and in good health, up to date on shots, and she is heartworm negative.  Her Foster Mom tells use that she gets along with everyone.  She is so sweet.  And in a short time she has already earned to be free roam in the house.  She can be a little standoffish but warms up quickly (this is fear-based not aggression-based).  

She is super sweet according to everyone that has fostered her, transported her.

Mandolin a/k/a Mandie

Great Dane, Female, 6 Months

We would like you to meet Mandolin a/k/a Mandie. Mandie is a 6-month Female Black Great Dane.

Mandie’s Story:

The state was in the middle of an ice storm and a local volunteer was two hours away when we received a call from a shelter. The shelter stated that in 2 1/2 hours they would be putting down a six month old female Great Dane because she has kennel cough. We were lucky enough to pull some strings and get them to extend their time frame because the 2 hour drive turned into a 4 hour drive (due to ice and a 25 mile traffic jam). Many dirt roads later and help from one of our phenomenal vets and the assistance of a staff member at the shelter we were able to make a last minute SAVE!

So how did Mandolin get her name? While at the vet our volunteer ran into someone very special; who named her Mandolin for the Holidays. We are calling her Mandie for short.

This girl will need some recuperating time in our Medical Foster home. She needs love, groceries (she is very skinny) and to get healthy from the kennel cough.



German Shepherd Mix, Female,  9 Months Old

Arwen is believed to be an German Shepherd Mix (but she is an Honorary Great Dane to us) and about 9 months old.  Arwen and her brother were dumped on the side of the road because they had Parvo.  Arwen is so strong, brave and a Parvo survivor.  She is in her Foster home right now and thriving.  She is so SWEET.  All she asks of you is for Love and Scratches.  All this girl could ask for now - is to find her Forever Home.



Great Dane, Female, 7 Months Old

Hi there! I'm Phryne and I'm named after the heroine in Miss Fisher's mysteries. She had a lot to overcome just like me, but like my namesake, I'm going to come out on top. My foster mom says that I'm deaf and have some health issues but apparently I'm not old enough to fully test yet. I may also have some vision issues, but rest-assured, I am not going to let this stop me from living the best life possible. Just like my book character, I am very courageous and will tackle the tough hand I was dealt with fearlessness. I have been told I have the sweetest of hearts and I love to snuggle. I'm looking for my forever home where I can be loved unconditionally despite the obstacles I need to overcome.  


Eleanor a/k/a Ellie - PENDING

Great Dane, Female, 2 Years Old

Meet Eleanor (Ellie, Ms. Ellie).  According to her Foster Mom, Eleanor seems to like Ellie the best. It is less formal and she will respond to you better when you call her Ellie. She is a sweet loving Mamma. She is also a Velcro Dane. According to her Foster Mom, she stays very close and often steps on the back of her heels regularly.  

Ellie is fully potty trained and is easily corrected with a simple "no". So far she exhibits no dominance issues with any of her foster siblings. She does not know any basic commands but it isn't an issue because she is so gentle and just wants to be by your side. Ellie has not needed to be in a crate in her foster home; because she is a good girl. So far the worst thing she has done was move a bag of treats off of the coffee table (but she did not chew through the bag). Her only bad habit is she will politely jump on you (more like a hug) when you first get home and the other pups are getting all of the attention.

Ellie is the definition of a Gentle Giant. She is absolutely the sweetest and well behaved Mamma!


Great Dane, Female, 2 Year Old

Lottie is a 2 year old Black Great Dane (Female).  She is still being evaluated.  But we have been told by the boarding kennel she is super sweet with people.  She does bark at other dogs through the kennel door but it isn't aggression (she may just be bored).  She craves human interaction.  When she's outside she's glued to your side.  She does the playful gallops and such that Danes do.  She has an adorable personality.


Once we get Lottie settled in to a Foster Home we will get you more information.


Teddy (2)_edited.jpg


Great Dane, Male, 15 Weeks Old

Teddy is a 15 weeks old Male Great Dane (his Mamma is Eleanor). He is in a cast but don't let it fool you he is NOT a dare devil like his sister. But, he is not easily intimidated either. He has a goofy side; when he hears the treat bag crinkle he will run (and sit) so fast that he sort of does the Risky Business slide on his butt in the sit position (it is hilarious and his Foster Mom is trying to get us a video). This is also a good sign that he is food motivated for training. Teddy is more potty trained than his Sister and will alert his Foster Mom when he has to go but usually only makes it to a potty pad before going potty.

Teddy is in a splint/cast because he jumped off the sofa and fractured his leg. We think his fracture is healing nicely as he is not on his pain meds anymore and feeling no pain. He is currently trying to run and play; he is ready for the cast to be gone. He is more easily scared than his Sister and will whine when he's scared and roll over. He is actually very dramatic when he's scared or hurt (he knows what to do in order to get some extra attention).

Teddy is just the SWEETEST!



Great Dane, Male, 2 Years Old

Dudley is a 2 year old Male Great Dane.  Through no fault of his own he was surrendered to us because his family was relocating and could not bring him with them.

Dudley will be going to his new Foster Home soon and we will get him assessed and let you know more about him as we learn.

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